Titanium Midget Torsion Stop

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Titanium Midget Torsion Stop

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Topline Titanium Midget Titanium Torsion Stops are CNC machined to precision, to help you be your best and lightest while on the race track! 

The all new Topline Ti Midget Torsion Stops out perform competitors aluminium stops by far, in the long term and short term.

Some advantages include:

- Slips straight onto the torsion bar, unlike many stops that have to be pried open to fit the bar.

- Bullet Nose adjustable bolt

- Adjuster bolt does not expand/mushroom


- (1x) Titanium Micro Sprint Torsion Stop Spline: 7/8"

- (1x) Ti Adjuster Bolt and Nut

- (1x) Ti Torsion Stop Pinch Bolt

- (1x) Ti Pinch Bolt washer